Babe, lets talk sustainability!

At Isolated Heroes we believe that TRANSPARENCY is key to bringing a more sustainable approach to garment production.

Sustainable fashion doesn’t have to mean boring styles, huge prices and dull fabric choices. We all need to make little changes to work towards a more sustainable industry.

We believe looking and feeling like a Sass Queen shouldn’t have to harm the planet 🌍

At Isolated Heroes we are committed to keeping our customers updated on the actions we are taking as a brand to work towards a circular fashion system. 

💖  Isolated Heroes hand make all of their items on a made to order and small batch basis. This means no large stock quantities & minimal fabric waste.

💖 We use a zero waste approach to pattern cutting and garment production. Any scrap fabric is transformed into a series of face coverings & accessories with charity donations made from the profits.

The Design Process

💖 Before designing a collection drop we make sure each item has longevity in your wardrobe and do a styling challenge to see how many ways a garment can be worn.  Our designers use circular design techniques ensuring a garment has a long lifespan, this includes looking at the blend of fabrics used in a garment, ensuring hardware and trims can be easily removed so the fabrics can be repurposed and recycled into an alternative item.

💖 We want to bring VALUE back to garments and showcase the skill of people working in this industry! We highlight the entire design process from design, sampling to finished product via social channels to show the time Involved and the process of how long it takes to manufacture an item.

💖 Isolated Heroes design stand out statement pieces for your wardrobe that are made to last.

We believe #slowfashion is the way forward and design garments that can be treasured forever and handed down through generations.

💖 We check in with our fabric suppliers and agents to ensure fair pay to garment workers, good working conditions and regular reporting from fabric mills on how the fabric is made and who is making it. It is important for us to work as closely as possible with our fabric suppliers to ensure our fabrics are sourced sustainably and the supply train is fully traceable and that their global ethical standards are maintained.

Who makes your clothes?

Isolated Heroes are proud to support UK manufacturing!  Every Item at Isolated Heroes is handmade by our in-house production team. We believe in ethical manufacturing and adding the value back into the garment production process! Every single item is hand cut and handmade by one of our talented team of fashion technologists, seamstresses and production assistants.

Our production queens make each item to order which means we can tweak each garment and take custom requests before making your order. Need a little length added or want a change to the neckline? No problem honeyz just drop a note on your order at checkout! Looking for something completely unique choose to go full custom.

Occasionally we will create certain items in small batches particularly for our retail events and pop up shops. As we manufacture every item inside our design studio we have complete control over our manufacturing process which means there is minimal waste and no leftover stock.

We have a dedicated accessories designer who works with our selvedge end and waste fabrics to create a collection of #Zerowaste products including mesh socks, sweater motifs and clutch bags. These are affordable entry level products which provide an accessible insight into circular fashion for our audience.

Where are your fabrics from?

Isolated Heroes work with two main suppliers on their sequin fabrics. The majority of our sequin fabrics come from a deadstock fabric supplier which means each collection is super limited edition and rare!  We are essentially saving old fabrics from waste.

The second supplier we work with on sequin fabrics is our fantastic sequin factory in Shaoxing, China. Our agent is particularly interested in developing biodegradable sequins and sequins with organic base fabrics. This is an extremely long process which takes lots of time, and research and development. We understand that sequins are problematic for the environment and we are currently making steps to make your sequin products as sustainable as possible! 

All of our digital print items use OEKO-Tex certified environmentally-friendly dyes on organic bases and are printed using Pigment dyes rather than the sublimation method which means we use only 1 litre of water per meter compared to the industry average of 90 litres of water per meter printed 

How you can get involved

In 2021 Isolated Heroes are working to a new circular initiative of reuse, repair and recycle. We want to educate our consumers and offer our customer the opportunity to trade in their older Isolated Heroes garments to either be repaired or upcycled by our design team or traded for #SequinSquad points which can be used on future collections. Make sure you follow our Instagram for regular IGTV’s on how to properly care for, mend and update your sequin garments. products, share announcements, or welcome customers to your store.