About us

Specializing in hand-embellished and embroidered items, Isolated Heroes creates oversized silhouettes and vivid colour palettes and is renowned for its innovative use of luxury faux-fur and sequins.  Isolated Heroes has grown to become one of the most visually striking contemporary brands in the UK. Informed by its characteristic hyperreal aesthetic, the brand has developed a cult-like following, being worn by the likes of Miley Cyrus, Foxes, Pixie Lott, Molly King and the Confetti Crowd, as well as collaborating with Paloma Faith, The X-Factor and Marina And the Diamonds.

Sold by zeitgeist retailers Dolls Kill, Nylon Store and Nasty Gal, Isolated Heroes has also been featured in leading fashion and lifestyle publications such as Grazia, VICE, Polyester Zine, Vogue Italia, Cosmopolitan, Notion, DASH, Hope St, Disorder, Nylon, The Skinny, Spindle, WAD and Elle. Themes of empowerment and transformation are ever-present in its trademark unisex style, not only blurring the lines of gender, but also celebrating body positivity, with collections stocked up to size 28.

Although Isolated Heroes is predominately a clothing brand, the visual language with which the brand presents to and communicates with its customer base is of great importance. From dynamic photo-shoots, many of which use street cast models to break with the traditional “model look”, to its social media and online personality. All Isolated Heroes pieces are manufactured in the UK, with the majority produced in-house – items are often painstakingly manufactured by hand in order to achieve the required richness that Isolated Heroes has become synonymous with.

Due to the extremely intricate details in many of our designs, certain pieces must be made by hand. This means that every Isolated Heroes statement piece will have been hand crafted and perfected in house. Although at times this may slow down the production rate, we strive to maintain our focus on luxury, whilst staying true to our fearless aesthetic. Unlike mass produced items, these items are unique and one of a kind, and we hope you understand the time and skill needed to produce each garment. We do this to give our customers the best possible service, and of course to make sure you look your best when representing Isolated Heroes. Isolated Heroes is proud to use UK only factory’s for our ready to wear items with 70% of our stock being manufactured in Scotland.

If you would like to know more or are interested in stocking our brand please get in touch via info@isolated-heroes.com