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Designing a bespoke collaboration item for V&A Dundee especially for the latest exhibition "Night Fever: a History of Club Culture" was a complete dream come true for the Isolated Heroes studio team.

We have always been heavily influenced in club culture whether its from the New York Club Kids with their stacked platforms and DIY outfits to the voluminous puff sleeves and silhouettes of the  80's Blitz Kids.

We wanted the collection to take a deep dive into Club culture taking inspiration from the whole journey of clubbing and focusing on our favourite 90's era looking at Acid House and warehouse raves. We wanted to create a slick collection full of wearable pieces featuring the motifs that are instantly recognisable with this time period in club culture. We added a little sprinkle of Isolated Heroes sass and glamour with our trademark sequin fabrics and 90's styling.

As always we designed this collection with a circular approach to garment production. Each item was made in house and we considered the life span and styling opportunities of each garment before moving to the manufacture process. The garments were then cut using the most effective sustainable approach to maximise the number of units we could get from each strip of fabric. All of our waste fabrics and offcuts were then used to create the sequin patch work you can see throughout the collection on our large scale sweater motifs and throughout the biker jackets and dresses. The remaining waste fabric was manufactured into #zerowaste face coverings as the perfect accessory and entry level price point so the collection is truly accessible to all.

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