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We know what its like..... the item that has been on your wish list for months. That long sparkly hand sequin kimono. Your thinking I REALLY REALLY WANT IT. But at the same time that niggling feeling at the back of your mind is wondering ... but what will it look like on? What the hell am I going to wear it to?

That's why youtubers are THE BEST! They buy it first and try it on for you! We love falling into a youtube black hole browsing until we can't remember what we were looking for in the first place. We have pulled together a great mix of Isolated Heroes youtube reviews so you can finally make that decision and hit check out on your wish list!

Watch Lindsey Hughes try on the Babrie Pink Sequin Flares

Insta famous lifestyle youtuber Lynsey Hughes aka Livin Like Lyndsey wears Isolated Heroes barbie sequin flares to Electric forrest festival


Anna Obrien from Glitter and Lazers try's on the True Love Sequin Sweater


Sophie Hannah Richardson try's on the Cupid Mesh Sequin Kimono

 Natalia Homolova wears the Rainbow Fluffy Faux Fur

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