From Sketching In My Bedroom To Dressing The Stars

Designer Samantha Paton stands in her fashion design studio with her latest collection

The Daily Record were kind enough to feature my story from sketching designs in my bedroom to working with Celebrities and selling our collections Internationally.

I am so proud of how the Isolated Heroes has grown since I graduated and launched the businesses 6 years ago. From going as a sole trader starting out in this industry to employing a team of people and having our brand stocked in over 20 International stockists.

Fashion designer Samantha Paton stands next to the new season rail of Isolated Heroes garments

I am always nervous when it comes to newspaper interviews as journalists have a way of twisting what has been said and adding a thousand arms and legs onto every story. However we were really happy with this short feature where I talked through how the brand started, our big break and working with some of the most inspiring Celebrity clients/

You can read the full article on the Daily Record site here.

fashion designer Samantha Paton sits behind sewing machine in the Isolated Heroes design studio in Scotland


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