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Accessories designer Velma Pickles wears Isolated Heroes embroidered beanie and earrings
We are super excited for our FIRST EVER jewellery collaboration! For Valentines we have collaborated with the infamous Instagram superstar and incredibly talented accessories designer VELMA PICKLES on a collection of earrings, chokers and acrylic necklaces.

With only 10 available in each style each piece is numbered and truly limited edition. A perfect bespoke piece to give to the one you love this Valentines! Make your best gals dreams come true!
Accessories designer Velma Pickles wears Isolated heroes cuddle fleece jacket and cloud 9 earrings
Velma Pickles is the brain child from Dundee acessories designer Chloe Mitchell.
You might recognise Chloe from a number of Isolated Heroes look books!
She has been an Isolated Heroes studio muse for years. So of course we were so excited when we heard Chloe had launched her own jewellery line and we HAD to stock it!

Here we have chat with Chloe on her inspirations behind the label.

Why Velma Pickles? what was the inspo behind the name?

When I worked in a primary school I had to create a fake name to protect myself from being found online. Velma Pickles quickly became a new persona which ended up helping me through my anxiety. When Chloé was too nervous to do something, Velma stepped in. Thelma Pickles was John Lennon’s first girlfriend and my friends already called me Velma due to my orange turtleneck and black bob. Thus came Velma Pickles - Although I think, feel and look differently now, Velma has adapted alongside me and is now the name of my business.

What has it been like starting a jewellery business from scratch in Dundee?

Honestly? Amazing. The resources I gained access to, the knowledge I am learning and the contacts I am making have all been inspiring and pleasant. Dundee is the perfect size: I never feel like I’m drowning or that I’m unheard amongst the going’s on in the city. There is a place for everyone. Being grateful, kind and honest is key to maintaining a business here. We are all rooting for each other.

What was the inspo behind the Isolated Heroes colab?

VALENTINE’S DAY, D’uh! I was super pleased to work on a Valentine’s Day collaboration as my next collection is going to be quite dark and intense so this was a chance for me to do something super fun, cute and colourful before things get serious! Isolated Heroes customers were also a huge inspiration - I see daily customers from around the world wearing IH and I wanted to create things as beautiful, wild and free as they all are.

Where else can we buy Velma Pickles?

At the moment I sell via my Depop shop > www.Depop.com/Velma_Pickles

I also take custom orders via email (seriously, I can make anything) > velmapickles@gmail.com

But the best way to stay up to date is to follow me on Instagram as I post new designs, old designs and everything in between and take orders via direct message > www.Instagram.com/Velma.Pickles

You can find me on Facebook too! > www.Facebook.com/MissVelmaPickles

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