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Samantha Paton 

Founder and managing director of Isolated Heroes 

Who are you and what do you do at Isolated Heroes? 

My name is Sam and I am the founder of Isolated Heroes. I started the company in 2012 and now my role is managing director which basically means i manage everything that goes on in the company in terms of sales, bringing cash in, what we are spending it on, i also do the designing, handling wholesale, and helping out with lots of little other bits.

Talk us through what a day looks like for you in your role.

My day basically consists of a bit of everything! I do the majority of customer service because I think it's really important as it is the first person that your brand is chatting to for new customers, so I normally get back to any enquiries and anything that’s needing to be esculated. I check in with different teams, I check in with the production team and speak to the Production Manager ( Christie ) a lot to ensure your items arrive on time, and I also work with Kitty who is the Creative & Comms Executive to make sure we are on schedule with marketing plans & targets. 

What is your funniest work memory? 

OMG! Probably doing the broom challenge Kitty made me do! That’s the first one that comes to mind, I think I nearly peed my pants! Haha Haven’t laughed that much in ages! 

Which has been your favourite project to work on? And why? 

Oh, i’ve had so many! My favourite project over the last couple of years would be the V&A Dundee . our runway show there, the first time in so long that we managed to design a collection without limitations. We received a bit of funding towards it so we were able to make an actual proper runway collection and a full campaign to go with it. We created a fashion film based on that and looked into elements of sustainability, explained why we make what we made and do what we do.

Who would you love to see wear Isolated Heroes?

I would absolutely love Lizzo in Isolated Heroes, because she is an Icon and she’s a body positive babe, she looks absolutely amazing in everything she wears, and just has the best style! I feel like she always champions new designers as well so I'd love to see Lizzo in a sequin piece of ours!

I mean like - Harry Styles in our sequin jacket?! COME ON HARRY! 

I’d love to see everybody wear Isolated Heroes to be honest, it doesnt have to be a celebrity etc, I'm just happy to see the sassy sequin being loved and worn by all shapes and sizes! 

What are you currently watching on netflix?

Dopesick, it's such a good watch!

What are you listening to at the moment? 

I only really listen to podcasts, but in terms of music, just whatever the girls in the studio puts on!

Name top three snacks.

-Chocolate biscuits

-Red doritos

-Does wine count as a snack? Haha 

Describe your perfect day off.

My perfect day off is honestly so boring, my ideal day off is sitting in my garden, in the sunshine. The paddling pool out with all the children running wild, having some mum time but also relaxing! Can’t forget the wine of course!

Whats your book / podcast recommendation? 

Oh my goodness, I’m a podcast queen, i'm obsessed with podcasts! So for business podcasts and business inspiration - when i'm feeling in a rut, i like to listen to Holly Tuckers - conversations of inspiration. I also like diary of a CEO, i love just like hearing people's business journeys.

On top of that I love a good investigative journalism / drama podcast. My current favourite from the last couple of years have been Crypto queen, i always love something that's a bit fraudster or a scam, a bit of drama! 

Describe yourself in 3 words 

Sassy, ambitious , driven 

What sign are you? 

Virgo baby

1 isolated heroes garment every day for the rest of your life 

Liquid gold wrap dress for days! I could wear it every night out and still get compliments on it :P

Any hidden talents? 

I make a really good aperol spritz 

What quote do you live by?

If i'm ever stuck in a rut, and whenever im making any big decisions i always come down to this quote - 

Comparison is a thief of joy.

You’ve got to be fully content in what you’re doing in your personal life, your work life, social life etc and not compare yourself to others, especially in business & social media because what people give out is a highlight reel, and i think that's the biggest issue. If you’re feeling content with yourself then there is no need for comparison, you’re happy and you’re good to go! 

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