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Samantha Paton on the Creative Chit Chat Episode
Creative Chit Chat Podcast with Isolated Heroes founder Samantha Paton
I recently sat down with Ryan Mcleod from the Creative Chit Chat Podcast to discuss all things Isolated Heroes. It's so hard telling your story and  condensing the brands journey from fruition to where our business is now into a 40 minute time slot.
We discussed where it all began, the Isolated Heroes design process, starting a business with literally no money or funding, Customer service goals, working with Influencers and my vision of the future. I really wanted to get across the every day hustle that takes place behind the scenes of a fashion brand and the ups and downs that entrepreneurs face.
You can listen to the podcast directly by clicking here.
The Creative Chit Chat podcast is a brilliant podcast full of insightful episodes by local entrepreneurs from the creative scene in Dundee. Some of my favourite episodes are Richard Cook from Spex Pistols, Gillian Easson from Creative Dundee and adventurer Mark Beaumont.  You can listen to all Creative Chit Chat Podcasts here. 

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