Isolated Heroes “OUTLAW” is a collection celebrating female friendship, tenacity and Girl Power!

Outlaw tells the story of Aisling and Kitty a modern-day Thelma and Louise who are on the run after a night out that turns into a tragedy. With only a few minutes to flee the scene of the crime the girls leave in their sequin ballgowns and can pack only a handful of their best looks!

Climbing into their pink Cadillac an adventure ensues as they drive across the American outback. A collection punching with Killer looks suitable for a summer of festivals, big nights and celebrations. Sequin floor length show stopping gowns, celestial glitter flocked puff sleeve minis, sheer embellished flares and starstuck T-shirt dresses. Their outfit changes are the defining moments of their runaway journey with each wardrobe look demonstrating the thrills of their escapism, their critique of the patriarchy and the everlasting power of female friendship.

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